How to Make Money with Transcribing as Beginner?

If you are here to know about the methods or details about how to make money transcribing or also about how to earn money with transcribing then you need to read this article till the end. This article helps you to understand all the information about it in a proper manner.

So, read this article very carefully to know each and every detail. 

How to Make Money with Transcribing as Beginner?

How to Make Money with Transcribing as Beginner

Here, I am sharing a complete day-to-day guide that will help you to know all the methods by which you can understand the steps you need to do in terms to make money by transcribing. So read all the details in a step-by-step manner to learn everything about it. 

How to Make Money Transcribing with Full Steps:

When I applied for the Scribie, my application was accepted and I have been put on the waiting list where I need to give some tests. At that time, I read the complete guidelines and now it’s time to do the practice. 

Below are the two different practice files which I try:

  • Hitchens: I tried for 15 minutes and didn’t complete it. I do lots of research on this. 
  • Louis CK: This is not bad but it also still took me to finish forever. The file is approx. 4:11 long and it takes 40 minutes to transcribe. 
  • Day 2: Transcription Test Time

There are lots of files to select from the test and I usually spend approx. 5 minutes and listen to 10 audio files till I find an easy file. I selected a file that is 4:11 long and it takes 40 minutes to complete it. 

I find transcribing more fun but my time speed requires improvement. 

  • Day 3: Disappointment

I am so excited because my test file will be reviewed today I got this email from the Scribe but it gets canceled. I was a little frustrated when I got this message because I spent 40 minutes on that audio file and I didn’t get to know if it was good or not. Also, they counted it as an attempt and I still have nine tests remaining. 

Let’s begin the next test file. At this time, I selected a 3:40 length file. It is awesome because it is so easy. The audio clip comes in the form of a podcast and it has great audio quality and it takes approx. 26 minutes to transcribe. I feel so good at this time. 

  • Day 4: More Disappointment

Today, I was supposed to be good as my test is going to be reviewed again and it was. But, as I told you earlier, it needs to be reviewed. They didn’t say why but I think I have to wait. 

  • Day 5: Certified

Today is a celebration day because today I became a certified scribe audio transcriptionist. I am so excited but five days ago I never had any transcribed in my life. I think that I would get paid for the test file but I was wrong. I only receive 31 cents. It means that I only need to earn 69 more cents to get $1. 

Now, I become a certified transcribe with Scribe and I get access to all the available files for transcription also there are a lot more. All the available files are  6 minutes long and they pay approx. $10 per audio hour and also up to $15/ah. 

  • Day 6: The End

Now we have it and this week, I went from beginner to one of the certified transcribers by getting transcription experience from a certified audio transcriptionist on Scribe and also I started earning $1.31 in the bank account. 

Final Verdict:

I know that it is not a big money and getting $1.31 by spending 3-4 hours of time is really bad but transcription is one of the talents or skills which requires practicing in a constant manner and probably in this whole journey I spend 2 hours. If you start spending hours a day doing anything and you need to start to get good money and it means that you will be able to get more paid. 

What I Have Learned to Make Money Transcribing 

It can be possible to earn more money by just doing home transcribing without having any previous experience.

There are lots of transcriptionists who go by 1:4 rle and it means that by spending 1 hour to listen to an audio file, it takes 4 hours to transcribe. It means that it will take approx. 24 minutes to transcribe any file which is 6 minutes long on Scribie. At $10/ah, you are still getting $2.5 per hour.

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